Qi Gong

Qi Gong

Qi gong (pronounced ‘chee-gong’) in ancient Chinese philosophy means "energy cultivation" or "working with the life energy. " According to traditional Chinese philosophy, is the fundamental energy responsible for health and vitality. Qi gong is an ancient Chinese system of postures, exercises and breathing techniques.

Benefits of Qi Gong

  • Improve and enhance the body’s qi (chi).  Qi is the Circulating Life Force or Vital Energy.
  • Learn to sense and build your internal energy.
  • The twelve basic exercises, all done in a standing position, progressively and carefully loosen up bodily structures and joints, promote circulation of qi in the internal organs and encourage relaxation.
  • Improve balance, concentration and coordination.


Monday 1-2 pm

Class size limited to 8 pariticipants

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