Hormone Testing

Hormone Testing

Hormones play a key role in an individual's overall health.

Stress, mood, memory, energy, weight gain/loss, sleep and libido are all directly affected by our hormone levels.  When in balance, hormones are important contributors to wellness and good health.

Our saliva based hormone tests are done through a state of the art Canadian laboratory using the latest technologies.  Saliva testing is a rapidly growing field, due mostly to its cost effectiveness, simple means of sample collection, non-invasive nature and minimal risk of disease transfer.

Our Hormone Test Suite includes:

  • Cortisol – the Stress hormone
  • Adrenal – the sex and energy production hormone
  • Female Wellness – 17 β Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA-S and Cortisol
  • Male Wellness - 17 β Estradiol, Testosterone, DHEA-S and Cortisol
  • Melatonin – the Sleep hormone

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