Healthy Body … Healthy Weight

Healthy Body  ...  Healthy Weight

It can be a real mystery and very frustrating when we try to come to a healthy weight and it is either not attainable or it is very short lived.

By now we all know that counting calories does not result in a healthy state of the body and rarely works. When we understand why the body holds onto fat cells and address these factors we can start to make lasting changes.We take a look at lifestyle considerations, liver health, toxin levels and intestinal health in order to lose unwanted weight.  


  • Get a flatter and healthier belly
  • Be happier about your body
  • Get rid of cravings so that you do not sabotage your efforts
  • Regain your energy so that you can enjoy the things you love to do
  • Love the way your clothes will feel again
  • Get a glow to your skin

Meet your weight loss or weight gain goals by taking care of the
underlying issues that are preventing you from achieving those goals.  We work with body composition and other physical symptoms (such as fatigue, joint pain etc.) to transition the body to a healthy weight.


  • Initial Consultation and Assessment include body fat calculation and measurements.
  • NO Weigh In's.  The weight scale can be a very misleading marker of our overall health and desired body composition.
  • Eliminate cravings
  • Meetings are educational so that you can keep the weight off
  • Understand the role of hormones in weight management
  • Assessment of physical and emotional conditions
  • Body measurement tracking
  • Weekly meetings to discuss progress, challenges, outcomes and next steps.
  • A free food preparation workshop
  • Food list; what to eat and what not to eat
  • Food shopping sources
  • Healthy eating guidelines
  • Access to your coach via text or email during business hours
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Step by step guidance
  • Quality Supplementation guidance
  • Group setting.  Get support from others.


12 weeks



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